The Bee Project

Welcome to the Bee Project, a collaboration with Teryl Chapel of TKC , Jeff Higley co-founder of Teravita Springs Regenerative Land Project, and The Oregon State University Master Beekeeping program under the guidance of David Curtis Master Beekeeper founder of Wild Bee International. The intention of this project is documenting the learning process of becoming a Master Beekeeper with a focus on Natural and Bee friendly methods of beekeeping. With all the news and evidence of declining bee populations we believe keeping bees is important not only for the responsible harvesting of honey, wax, propolis, and pollen, but also simply for the sake of bees and the value they bring to our world as prolific pollinators. We invite you to check back often to follow our progress.

Our Progress so far:

Sat. May 12 21 new colonies of bees installed in new hives at Teravita including 18 Langstroths, 1 Ware, and 1 Horizintal Top Bar Hive(HTB). 1 Langstroth and 1 HTB were installed at Yeoman’s Landing.

Mon. May 14, Hives were checked and bees fed more sugar syrup. Colonies appeared to be very active and adjusting to their new homes.

Thur. May 17 attended first Bee Lore meeting with mentor David Curtis. Met other mentees and discussed present challenges faced by beekeepers such as declining forage and pesticides. David scheduled to come check hives with Jeff and I next Friday 25th.

Sat. May 19 1 pm Yeoman’s Landing partly cloudy 70. First removal of frames 7 days since install both Langstroth and TBH Bees actively building comb and queens laying brood. Signs of nectar and pollen being stored.

Sat. Aug. 25 Yeomans Landing, both hives are full and heavy with honey. The Langstroth has two deep boxes with one medium super bees are healthy and actively producing producing


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