Welcome to The Koru Collaborative !

TKC website is  an expression  of collaboration in the areas of Regenerative, Permaculture, and      Integrated  Eco-Social Design. Many of us are aware  of the fatal flaws in many of the collective operating systems existing in our world which have dominated many aspects of life on planet Earth , including how we grow and consume food ,water , and energy, how we build and maintain our shelter, how we manage our waste, resources, and environment, and how we live and be in our families and communities.  Many are feeling  a sense of responsibility combined with urgency to contribute to re-design of systems and actively engage  in working together to implement  new designs which are regenerative and sustainable.  One way we can respond to this collective sense of urgency and to effect more positive change with faster and with more far reaching effect is by combining our ideas and share energy in  creative design and productive endeavours.


A highly functioning and motivated team  stoking the fire of  passion for our healthy thriving planet can create stronger and larger  ripples which become waves of effective change in our world.  Just as the waves in the ocean created by  storms  whose size is determined by the amount of energy generated from the center, spiral outward travelling thousands of miles where  their effect is felt, so too can be the power of inspired collaboration.


” You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To  change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”   R.Buckminster Fuller


Much great work is being done  and much yet required as we move from  values reflecting competition,  fear,  lack, and greed to values reflecting conscious co-creation of  our world community and our planet healthy and thriving. Consequently there are many opportunities for re-thinking and redesigning our communities as we ask ourselves and each other, ” How will our actions, our designs, the ways in which we care for and work to heal ourselves and our Earth, even our thoughts and emotions, affect our world and our planet for many generations to come?”


The  intention for The Koru Collaborative to  inspire and educate.  As we share our  projects, success’ and  learning’s,  we hope to inspire more creative collaboration and greater ripples of positive change.

We are excited to share our knowledge and skill with other collaborators passionate about doing what needs to be done. After all, we truly are all in this together.


Teryl Chapel

Founder TKC  April 2012