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Teryl here and welcome to the TKC blog page where we hope to keep you up to date on the progress of our projects and team development as we work towards our sustainable future. The past 13 months I have been focused on the Terravita Springs Permaculture and land regeneration project outside Ashland, OR while working on my master’s degree in Integrative Eco-Social Design through Gaia University. It has been a busy and productive time and much progress has been made on all fronts.

  As I write this morning I am preparing to leave Oregon in two days for Findhorn, Scotland where I will be participating in the four week EDE (Eco-Village Design Education) training  of  trainers program taking place at the Findforn Eco-village. 

  I was recently asked, ” Of all the courses you could have taken, why Findhorn and why this course?”

My answer was this: I chose to investigate the EDE course on the recommendation of a fellow Gaia student when she heard of my interest in sustainable community design. I discovered the Eco Village at Findhorn, Scotland is in it’s 50th year and since 1997 has been consulting with the United Nations. Click here to read more about Findhorn and the United Nations. The EDE curriculum was developed as an answer to the call for more outreach and education in the area of worldwide sustainable community development. I believe is one of the best living examples of a successful and thriving sustainable community. To read more about the EDE click here.

  I intend to return from my experience at Findhorn with valuable new skills in design, education, building, and community development which I intend to share with my TKC team as well as my local and global communities so together we can create our sustainable and abundant future.

I also intend to share my experience of next few weeks through this blog so stay tuned and check back for further updates.

Teryl Chapel  October 7, 2012



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