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Findhorn Eco Village November 2, 2012

Today is the last day of EDE week 3 Ecological Design. Our group grew this week to 27 with Peter an architect from Nicaragua and Emmanuel from Greece. The week has been a full one lead by Michael Shaw, resident engineer and Founder of Bio Matrix Water and Ezio Gori, a Permaculture designer and broad acre project manager from South Africa. We have been working in the Living Machine learning about ecological waste water systems, sustainable energy systems,measuring and mapping carbon footprints, sustainable food production, and green building and design while incorporating what we are learning into our design projects. Wednesday we had the opportunity to share the morning with Graham Meltzer who is an architect and green building expert living here in community. Graham shared a lot of information on design and construction and then took us on an informative architectural tour of the village. As this has always been an experimental community there are a wide variety of designs and styles of building  here,from the modified old caravans to the new and modern co-housing projects nearing completion. Wednesday evening we experienced the Findhorn version of Halloween which honors the Celtic New Year tradition of Samhain which is a time of releasing of unwanted emotions and thoughts while remembering those who have passed on. There was also singing, drumming,dancing, and storytelling around a big bon fire beneath a clear starry night illuminated by a waning full moon.

Yesterday afternoon our group of 27 representing 18 countries prepared dishes from our countries and served dinner to approximately 80 people in the community. We had quite a time with all of us in the kitchen preparing and cooking together. There was much laughter and fun in the process and a delightful international spread was the result. I know it helped we have spent the last 3 weeks living,, learning and playing together. If we had tried to pull this meal off the first day or two I imagine the experience could have been much different. The learning experience here is very full and compressed and we are all being challenged. I am enjoying making friends and connections from around the world.

Inside Living Machined.

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