Findhorn EDE day 3

Frosty Morning Moray Firth

Findhorn EDE Day 3 October 17

We are all getting a good taste of North Eastern Scottish autumn weather this week with rain frost and sun. I was walking along the beach yesterday morning at sunrise and witnessed steam coming off the North Sea! I haven’t seen that since I lived in Nantucket. As we are in the middle of the Social Design module of the EDE we have been learning the essential components for establishing sustainable social systems in Eco-Villages and group projects. The course has been quite rigorous so far and I am enjoying being in such a diverse group. So far we have explored; effective communication in relationships, values creation, various decision making processes, and a process called Dragon Dreaming for expanding and focusing the vision of a project and implementing it effectively. All of these topics have been mixed with a healthy dose of warm up icebreaker and dynamic team building exercises. Our working groups have been established for the rest of the course and I am working with a group on a project brought by our Chinese associate for an Eco-tourism project in Malaysia.

I am very impressed with how well things are organized and managed here in The Findhorn Eco-Village. Yesterday the bio mass boiler caught on fire and was damaged very severely and the “crisis management” immediately kicked in and made sure that all the buildings affected by the disaster had adequate auxiliary heating. I have observed one of the common practices here in the community is called “attunement” and is practiced regularly and before and after any group activity to focus and align the energy for the task at hand. I feel this is one of the significant reasons this community has been so successful.

Tomorrow morning we explore effective conflict resolution in the morning and work with our design groups in the afternoon

Field of Dreams Findorn Eco-Village

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