Findhorn Day 1 October 13, 2012

Findhorn Village Scotland

After much planning and anticipation I am here in Scotland about to begin the 4 week EDE course offered by the Findhorn Foundation at the Findhorn Eco-village. I have been staying in Findhorn Village proper for the last 2 days resting up from a long journey to get here. I have enjoyed the pleasure of staying in the home of John and Jo Harris; friends of friends back in Oregon and will be moving down to the Findhorn Foundation later this morning. I am feeling rested after catching up on much needed sleep mixed with misty walks along Findhorn Bay and out to the dunes at the mouth of the Findhorn River . Findhorn Village is a lovely small coastal Scottish village 25 North East of Inverness with a history of seafaring and boat building.

The Findhorn Foundation began in 1962 when Peter and Eileen Caddy along with a few friends arrived at the Findhorn Bay Caravan Park just South of Findhorn Village and planted their first garden. In 50 years the Foundation has evolved to become world renowned as One of the world’s most successful Eco-Village communities with 500 permanent residents demonstrating peaceful and sustainable living. They have established highly productive organic gardens, wind and solar energy to power their homes, a “Living Machine” to process human waste and multiple businesses within the community. The Findhorn foundation is also well known for their work in developing effective “social” systems and has helped my communities and groups organize and implement their vision effectively for true sustainably. To read more:

I am excited to be here and look forward to adding new skills to by toolbox while making new friends and expanding my international network of kindred spirits passionate about creating and implementing sustainable solutions for our world.

Stay tuned, Teryl


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